One-day sale on Mudbug Madness tix

A typical Mudbug Madness feast.

Wichitans don’t get a lot of chances to eat crawfish until they’re sick.

Prairie Pines finds that unacceptable.

From 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. on April 29 and 30, the venue at 4055 N. Tyler will host its third annual Mudbug Madness crawfish boil. Ticket holders will get all the crawfish they can eat plus homemade jambalaya, and music will be provided by local Cajun band, The Mudbugs. A cash bar also will be available.

Prairie Pines owner Kip Scott is testing Facebook effectivness today only by offering a ticket sale. The normal ticket price is $31.95, but anyone who callsĀ  316-303-2037 and mentions “the Facebook deal” can get tickets for $24.95. I’d pick up the phone and call now, if I were you.

I’ll be there on Friday the 29th helping my friend Jaime, the Mudbugs drummer, sell her CDs. See you there. Aiiieeeeee!!