I had my Chinese Christmas, sorta

The whole gang on Christmas Day at Saigon.

The whole gang on Christmas Day at Saigon.

I’m lucky I have a family that’s so willing to go along with my food whims.

Just before Christmas, I wrote a little essay for the Go! section about the joy of eating out at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day. My inspiration, of course, comes 100 percent from “A Christmas Story,” — specifically the scene at the Chop Suey Palace.

I cooked a nice dinner of molcajetes (a recipe The Eagle secured years ago from now-closed Mexican restaurant El Torero) for my family on Christmas Eve, and in exchange, they agreed to eat out on Christmas Day. We debated our options and ultimately decided on Saigon 1103 N. Broadway. True, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant, but it SERVES Chinese food. And several of my family members ordered it.

My BFF Jaime Green caught the image above during our festive feast, which included a nice Vietnamese appetizer plate sent over by owner Hanh Bui.

I’m at the end of the table on the left, not looking at the camera because I was so entranced by the WHOLE FRIED CATFISH my nephew Cody ordered.

Merry Chinese Christmas!