It feels good to give

Me, Carrie, Brian Walker and The Check.

Me, Carrie, Brian Walker and The Check.

As we reported last week, the Dec. 6 On the Town with Carrie & Denise at Newport Grill drew around 130 people and raised $1,316 for the Kansas Food Bank.

The next morning, I helped put on a book sale at the Wichita Eagle that raised another $617.75. Put those together and it equals… well, a lot.

Last week, Carrie and I delivered a check for nearly $2,000 to Brian Walker, the president and CEO of the Kansas Food Bank. He gave us a little tour of the facility, where we saw some buckets full of the biggest turnips ever grown and where we saw several volunteers putting together bags of food for school children in need.

We also heard about a project that Wal-Mart is putting on through Facebook that will award a big-time grant to the community who gets the most “Likes.” (Facebook people understand that lingo.) Just follow this link and “like” Wichita to help the Kansas Food Bank win.