Oh, happy day

fizzbraums.jpg 023Today is a very big day in my little Delano life. It’s the day the brand-new, super-fancy, very large Braum’s opens in my neighborhood at 201 N. Seneca.

This new Braum’s is a big deal for Delano, not just because we love ice cream, but also because the closure a few years ago of every single solitary nearby Dillon’s left us with no neighborhood grocery store. The teeny-tiny Braum’s (now closed) around the corner from this new one became a pretty important place for Delano people who needed to run in for some quick groceries.

For those of you not forced to use Braum’s as your main grocery store, let me tell you a little bit about what you’re missing. They don’t have everything you need. (Parmesan cheese is a good example of something I’ve often needed but can’t find there.) But they have darn near everything else, including all the basics, a nice cheese selection, a good meat counter, dairy, cereal, bread, fruit, veggies and of course cases and cases of ice cream.fizzbraums.jpg 028

Some things are unbelievably more affordable at Braum’s. My best example is a three-pack of stoplight peppers — one red, one yellow and one green. At Target and Dillon’s, you can rarely find a package for less than $4.99. At Braum’s, the most expensive I’ve ever seen them is $2.99, and they’re often less than that.

Okay, my Braum’s diatribe is over. It’s just a very, very happy day.