Wichita Pizza Co.


Jeff and Lisa Hutton have owned the Dairy Queen at Harry and Webb for years and have watched pizza places go in and out of a space in a stripmall at the corner — Papa Murphy’s, Knolla’s, and most recently, Geno & John’s.

When the space came empty again, the couple decided to try their own pizza restaurant, which they’re calling Wichita Pizza Co. It opened two weeks ago at 1520 S. Webb Road and specializes in a thin-crust pizza similar to the style Jeff fell in love with at places such as Happy Joe’s, a northern pizza chain, and Tim’s in Kansas City.

The restaurant has several specialty pizzas, including a taco, a Canadian bacon and sauerkraut and a Mediterranean, and it’s becoming know for its not-at-all-skimpy topping load. It also serves salads, calzones and hoagies.

The dining room has plenty of seating and lots of televisions airing sports.

It’s open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Call 316-425-1900 for more information.