My favorite kind of buffet

potluck.web 004One of my favorite dining out experiences doesn’t cost anything more than the ingredients in a Cool Whip salad.

I’m talking about a church potluck.

I grew up going to church potlucks at the Knights of Columbus in Dodge City, and as a result, few things make me happier than a big folding table dotted with Tupperware dishes filled with all manners of mayonnaise-based salads and crock pot concoctions.

potluck.web 001I was reminded how much I love church potlucks yesterday when my friend Kim invited me to attend one at her church — University Friends Church. The church folk set it all up in the parking lot, and on a beautiful, fairly fly-free afternoon, we enjoyed bowls and bowls of pasta salad, sheets and sheets of sheet cake, sliced fruit in old butter dishes, divine deviled eggs and fabulous grandma-friendly inventions such as barbecue sauerkraut.

I could have gone through the line six times.

I did, actually.

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potluck.web 006

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