Very sneaky, Starbucks

HOThe other day I was driving home when I noticed something peculiar: A highway sign informing me that I could find a Starbucks if I exited Kellogg at Seneca Street.

Huh? I exit Seneca Street every day, and if there were a Starbucks nearby, believe me, I’d know.

Then it hit me. Yes, there is a Starbucks off the Seneca exit, but it’s two miles and a whole bunch of stoplights to the south, past Pawnee.

I do not like deceptive highway exit signs. If you tell me to exit for Starbucks, I expect it to be right off the exit. Not a five-plus minute drive away. This is especially bizarre considering the fact that just exits later at West street, a westbound Kellogg driver can find a Starbucks immediately off the highway

When reporting on Starbucks’ new breakfast sandwiches last week, I was told by a manager that the stores at Seneca and Pawnee and at 21st and Amidon would be the only two not participating because they were the lowest performing stores. Perhaps that explains all of this, especially considering that an exit sign at K-96 and Meridian directs exiters to the 21st and Amidon store, also several miles and stoplights away.

Now that my complaining is over, a little Starbucks good news to report: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE IS BACK AS OF TODAY!!!