The best sandwich in town

The Bob.

The Infamous Bob

And I don’t say that lightly.

For years, I’ve been telling people about Wichita’s most amazing sandwiches, which are made in Wichita’s most unexpected spot — in a little mobile hot dog cart in the Towne East mall food court.

The cart is called Metro Grill, and chef Michael Gonzalez serves up gourmet-quality sandwiches and entrees, an amazing feat considering that the space is so small and there’s no real kitchen. And that it’s in the mall.

He and his lovely wife are about to open a non-mall location, Metro Grill II, on Rock Road across from Frou Frou Dillons. It’s taking longer than they’d hoped (it always does) but they’re still hopeful they can open this fall.


The Cuban

The joy of this blog is that I can now show you, in full living color, what I’m talking about when I say these sandwiches are the best. The first one here is The Infamous Bob, made with chicken, arugula, tomatoes, a huge hunk of fresh mozzarella, all served on toasted, crunchy bread.

My other favorite is the Cuban, grilled flat with ham, pork, pickle slices, garlicky mustard and crunchy onions. Michael also serves steaks, grilled asparagus, gourmet hot dogs and more.

A word of warning: Michael and his apprentices are artists. They’re working out of a tiny space, they make each sandwich fresh, and they’re popular, so it can take a while to get your food. The wait is worth it, though. I promise.