Taste of Wichita

IMG_5520As you can see at left, Carrabba’s was among the many restaurants at Saturday’s Taste of Wichita event serving sample-sized portions of some of their best dishes.

Well, after about, hmmmm, 7 samples of the bread-crumb coated shrimp (which I’ve also sampled a million times in the restaurant), I was reminded that yes, of course, I do love it. Glad I was able to clear that up.

I enjoyed the event, a fundraiser that local radio personality Brett Harris decided to revive this year. (He put on something similar back in 2005.)

It was hot as blazes not only outside in the Spaghetti Works parking lot but also inside the Eaton Place restaurant space, and by the time I got there at 5 p.m., the 11 to 7 event was winding down. But I tried a lot of tasty treats, including lobster shooters and beef carpaccio from Yia Yia’s and sugar coated chocolate champagne balls from Cocoa Dolce.

I also had another chance to sample cake balls (you heard me) courtesy of the Cake Ball Divas, a company that’s becoming a mainstay at these foodie fundraiser events. Cake Balls are sort of like cupcakes, only they’re in the shape of a ball and coated in frosting. I had one that was spiked with all sorts of toffee chunks.

And I do so love the motto of the Cake Ball Divas: