She’s still got it

tanyaeatsSorry to write so much about Tanya Tandoc and name drop and all that stuff.

But last night, Tanya cooked an amazing Moroccan dinner and invited Carrie and I over to share.

The stew she made, scented with cloves and chock full of lamb, carrots, garbanzo beans and more, was amazing. But I can’t stop thinking about the appetizers she served us.

One was a fabulous pizza made on phyllo dough, topped with tomatoes, sliced red onions, tanyaportraitgoat cheese and all other manners of amazingness. The other was tiny egg rolls filled with toasted almonds, among other fresh ingredients.

It was fun seeing Tanya in her own home kitchen, which features lots of funky decor, magnetic spice holders on the refrigerator, a framed fried egg print, and matching “Tanya” and “Wayne” potholders, one for her and one for her rock star husband Wayne Gottstine.

She’s still saying she can’t imagine ever operating a restaurant out of any other space than the one at 725 E. Douglas, where her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen operated for six years before her lease was canceled in 2003, when owner Cox took over the space.

But she’s still got it.