An idea I endorse

If only all buffets offered plate-size options...

If only all buffets offered plate size options...

I was out this morning doing a little in-person research for a very fun story I’m working on for Friday’s paper when I stumbled across something that I can describe only as buffet brilliance.

The Breadbasket in Newton, which serves a daily breakfast buffet (overflowing with cinnamon rolls and gravy goodness), gives customers a choice of plate size and price.

I didn’t want to eat much this morning, but I wanted to sample the buffet, so I chose the tiny dessert plate that could be filled one time for $3.99. It was perfect — I was easily able to fit a little breakfast burrito, a biscuit with gravy and a cinnamon roll. And I left without feeling like I needed to invest in an elastic waistband, which is rare when I leave a buffet.

A giant all-you-can-eat plate cost $7.99, and there were two options in the middle, too.

Brilliance, I say.