A love letter to… cake

I was on a road trip this weekend when an e-mail from a reader landed in my inbox and made me laugh halfway across Kansas and Missouri — and only partially because it took me that long to read it.

The e-mail was from Mike Levand, and as you will see if you click on to the next page, Mike Levand loves the tres leches cake at Juarez Bakery, a wonderful Wichita business at 1068 N. Waco.

Mike went on and on and on…and on about his love for this cake, in ever more descriptive terms. Just when I thought he’d sold it all it could be sold, he sold it some more. This ode to tres leches weighed in at an impressive 576 words.

I love Juarez Bakery and its fabulous Mexican pastries, which are bready but sweet without being too sweet. I must exercise great self restraint to keep myself stopping there every day. I’ve never tried the tres leches cake, but Mike has most definitely persuaded me that I’ve been remiss.

I will correct this immediately, Mike.

Read on and you will find Mike’s description of the pastry love of his life, which is so good, it makes him want to “weep very gently.”


You may have covered this product in one of your earlier stories and/or the bakery itself.  I hope not!

For the first time in my life, I have tried the ‘Tres Leches’ cake at the incredible Juarez Bakery.

I have never had such a sinful cake in my life.

It is my new craving and my new ‘best-friend.’ They just do a fantastic job on this masterpiece.

If you haven’t ever had a piece of Tres Leches, it is basically very dense white cake in 2 layers with butter-cream frosting filling and then the cake is covered with butter-cream frosting as well.

From the outside, it just looks like a normal cake.

It is when one pulls it out of the refrigerator and has their first piece, that they begin to weep very gently. It is as if one were seeing the Mona Lisa displayed in their own living room, or Horowitz playing piano in your living room when you came home from work.

The cake is soaked in a very sweet milky creamy something or other, and the denseness of the cake does not allow this sweet creamy concoction to run all over the place as one might imagine.

The cake tends to simply hold this sweet creamy concoction inside of the latticing structure of the cake like a sponge, so that when you take a bite of it, this cold, sweet, creamy explosion just occurs inside of your mouth, unlike anything I have ever tasted in my life, and my waistline will prove to you that I have eaten many many good foods.

Then you hit their butter cream frosting and it is just a symphony going off in your mouth unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The Juarez Bakery at 10th and Waco, is a very upscale and authentic Mexicano Bakery.

Unfortunately, they do not offer the Tres Leches by the slice, only as a whole cake, and it must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

If you have not yet written a review about Tres Leches as a standalone forum, then it is time you at least try the cake.

I promise you that if you order the cake, and do not like it, all you have to do is to email me, and I will come to the Eagle, pay you the $25.00 and take whatever cake you have left over off of your hands.

This is one of Wichita’s little known gems.  This is what makes Wichita so entrepreneurial.  This is not the cheesecake factory that everyone wants, but if Wichita knew of this gem. Juarez bakery and Tres Leches, there would be a lot less people who think they need the cheesecake factory here.

Give Juarez their due props. Make the Juarez Bakery a place that the more affluent have to include on their shopping must-do lists.

If the word gets out that this cake is available and ready to order, they are going to make millions in the production of this cake. Most people I suspect have never tried one of the most incredibly wonderfully unknown sweet taste sensations that Wichita has to offer.

Give the East-siders a reason to go past Main street (just one block).

This cake, served cold, as it must be, is incredibly refreshing for the summer months for sure.

As an aside, the Juarez sells an incredibly wonderful assortment of authentic Mexican cookies, pastries and food items as well.

This place makes you think you are in Acapulco.

Mike Levand