Impromptu dinner date

FOOD KOREANFOOD 1 DEI had a very interesting and fun experience in a local restaurant this weekend, and I’m wondering why I’ve never had one like it before.

A friend and I arrived for sushi at Hana Cafe in Old Town Square around 7 p.m. and found that people were waiting for tables. A couple seated in the waiting area told us they were headed for the movies and only had about 45 minutes. Sit with us, they said, and you can keep the table when we go.

We’d never done anything like that before but decided why not? We sat down with the pair, who turned out to be a pair of recently married medical professionals with seven kids between them who were out for a date night. We quickly bonded over sushi and bibimbap, exchanged information and vowed to get together again in a few weeks.

I’m not sure every impromptu pairing would turn out that well, but it was a fun experience that made the sushi taste even better — especially the large plate they left behind when they jetted over to the Warren.

Ever had a similar experience?