Fried chicken frenzy


A couple of weeks ago, inspired by the suggestion of a reader, I wrote a story for the Go! section about where to get good fried chicken in Wichita. In the beginning of the story, I featured Neighbors, the restaurant and bar at 2150 North Amidon , where owner Chuck Giles specializes in fried chicken cooked the hard and messy way — in a cast-iron skillet in lard, made when ordered. The process takes about 30 minutes and reportedly results in out-of-this-world chicken.

Apparently, my story tantalized many local taste buds. Chuck reported yesterday that his fried chicken sales have doubled, and he’s had people waiting in lines outside the door to get it. The Sunday after the story was published, he ran out of chicken, and after scouring Dillon’s and any other supplier he could think of, he finally had to give up and close early.

“This past weekend was even better than the last weekend,” he said. “But I”m more prepared for it now.”

Giles said he’s even had three or four “older ladies” call him at the restaurant, wanting to discuss fried chicken cooking techniques and offering him unsolicited advice.

Apparently, he doesn’t need it.