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Sneak peek: Frozen treats

snowcone.jpg 008

A Tiger Blood snow cone from Heavenly Sno, which my co-worker Suzanne's son says "tastes like real tiger blood."

Earlier this week, I asked you kind blog readers to help me come up with a list of Wichita’s best frozen treats so that I could compile them into a Fourth of July story. You did, and as a reward, you get to read the story TWO WHOLE DAYS before it’s actually published in the Go! section.

Of course, if you’d sign up for my Wichita A La Carte newsletter, the main dining story would come straight to your e-mailĀ  inbox TWO WHOLE DAYS before it’s actually published every week, but I’m not gonna tell you what to do.

Cheap eats for kids

MOMS SCHOOLHABITS KCThis just in! Today, June 30, is Kids Day Out at Fazoli’s, the fast-Italian chain. Kids who visit today get a 99 cent kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree. (See details below.)

Cheap or free kids meals are a big draw for families, and several restaurants around town offer frequent price breaks to attract families. One of my favorites is kids night at Jason’s Deli, which happens every Tuesday after 5 p.m. and offers free meals to kids who are dining with a paying adult.

What’s your favorite kid meal deal? Post it below. We’ll get a list going.

(On another note, if you have kids and you like to dine out, you might find this article that my friend Suzanne sent to me pretty interesting. It argues that restaurants don’t need to be kid friendly but rather that kids need to be restaurant friendly.)

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Mmmm. Goober burger.

I’ve noticed I’ve been blogging a lot about The Anchor. This is why, people! How can such things be ignored??


And the wiener is…

andtheweineris.jpg 002And the wiener is… hot dog puns!!

The former Get Franked (which was the former Let’s Be Frank) has yet another new name — And the Wiener Is — and a new location. It opened a week ago at 2322 E. Douglas, less than a block west of and across the street from its original Douglas location.

Top dog Brad Standing has added several new dogs to the menu board, and the new place has seating for around 35, which is more than the previous location.

andtheweineris.jpg 007Let’s Be Frank was a pioneer in the recent rash of hot dog restaurants in Wichita and has had landlord and copyright issues during its first year of business, necessitating its location and name changes.

He’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. Fridays, and from noon to 4 a.m. Saturdays.

The wait is almost over. (Probably)

Wasabi, a sushi restaurant that has been in the works forever at 912 E. Douglas, should open this month.

Wasabi, a sushi restaurant that has been in the works forever at 912 E. Douglas, should open this month.

Back in January, I reported that Wasabi, a sushi restaurant planned by Steve Young at 912 E. Douglas, would open “after the first of the year.” That reporting was technically correct, even though it’s now SIX MONTHS after the first of the year.

I’ve been in touch with Steve every couple of weeks since January, and he keeps saying “soon, soon, soon!” He’s faced several delays, but I now believe him that Wasabi really will be open soon, as in July. I just walked across the street to peek in the windows and the place looks ready to go, complete with green booths, palm plants and a nice looking sushi bar. (As I took the above photo, two groups of people stopped me to ask, “Is that place EVER going to open?”)

Steve said he’d call me this week with a firm opening date. He’s going to serve sushi and other Japanese food daily at both lunch and dinner.

Impromptu dinner date

FOOD KOREANFOOD 1 DEI had a very interesting and fun experience in a local restaurant this weekend, and I’m wondering why I’ve never had one like it before.

A friend and I arrived for sushi at Hana Cafe in Old Town Square around 7 p.m. and found that people were waiting for tables. A couple seated in the waiting area told us they were headed for the movies and only had about 45 minutes. Sit with us, they said, and you can keep the table when we go.

We’d never done anything like that before but decided why not? We sat down with the pair, who turned out to be a pair of recently married medical professionals with seven kids between them who were out for a date night. We quickly bonded over sushi and bibimbap, exchanged information and vowed to get together again in a few weeks.

I’m not sure every impromptu pairing would turn out that well, but it was a fun experience that made the sushi taste even better — especially the large plate they left behind when they jetted over to the Warren.

Ever had a similar experience?

Wichita’s best frozen treats

NEWS2USE-FOOD3 TBIn honor of the Fourth of July, I’m going to write this Friday’s dining story in Go! about Wichita’s best frozen treats. I have a list in mind, but I’d love some feedback.

I’m talking specific ice cream treats here, whether it’s Freddy’s turtle sundae or Dairy Queen’s Heath Bar blizzard. The more specific, the better, and be sure to let me know why you love this treat so much.

Don’t limit your nominees to the most obvious ice cream places. I’m interested in frozen coffee drinks, Mexican ice cream bars, yogurt, snow cones, custard, etc…

Leave your nominee in the comments section below.

Mmmmm. Eagle heads


It’s been requested that I make these for the next Wichita Eagle potluck. I think I shall.

Wichita’s best dishes

This is half of a Bella Luna steak sandwich with a very large side of fattouch salad.

This is half of a Bella Luna steak sandwich with a very large side of fattouch salad.

Wichita has a long list of famous dishes — garlic salad, crumbly-is-good burgers, etc. But several more current creations deserve to be added to the list. Occasionally on this blog, I’ll offer you some of my nominees, starting right now.

Exhibit A: The steak sandwich at Bella Luna is one of those dishes you’ll order over and over again. In fact, once you try it, all other Bella Luna dishes may be dead to you. (I exaggerate…slightly.)

It features six ounces of sliced ribeye cooked with onions and mushrooms, topped with melty jalapeno cheese and serve on a toasted baguette. It’s like the most refined, classy Philly cheesesteak you’ve ever had.

Bella Luna has locations at 4618 E. Central, 2132 N. Rock Road and 2441 N. Maize Road.

A valid question

Why ask why?

Why ask why?

Linkhaus is a new hot dog restaurant at 7817 E. 37th St. N., and it clearly has a sense of humor. This is one of the restaurant’s new billboards, which you can see in person at 37th and Oliver (near Koch).