How about some aviation trivia for Christmas?

For several years now, businesses have pondered the holiday or Christmas greeting card.

Should they send such cards to customers, vendors and business associates? Do they need to as a way to build business relationships? Should business even be a part of the religious holiday of Christmas?

Most of us decided long ago that there’s really no right or wrong answers to those questions. Businesses can have a range of valid reasons for sending — or not sending –  Christmas greetings.

And then came the Web, which added some new dimensions and technological twists to the old debates over holiday messages.

The Greteman Group reports that it handles a lot of holiday greetings — online and through regular mail — for clients.

And the advertising and marketing agency has developed a clever Web-card and game of its own for Christmas. The seasonal greetings opens to an online aviation trivia game.

It’s sure to entertain.

Here’s the link