Kasasa account program at Emprise rewards customers with iTunes downloads, other perks

Emprise Bank is the second Kansas bank to offer a new checking and savings account program whose rewards include iTunes downloads.

Emprise joins ESB Financial in Emporia as the newest bank in the state to participate in the Kasasa program, whose rewards also include cash back credits and Amazon.com downloads.

Tom Page, Emprise CEO, said low interest rates are making it tough on bank earnings and the Kasasa program encourages things like debit card use and electronic statements, which ultimately help his bank’s bottom line.

“Significant transaction volume through debit card use and the electronic delivery of services … those are things that generate much more money for the bank than we will make by investing money,” Page said.

Page acknowledged that Kasasa is “different for us,” but a persistently low interest rate environment is prompting the industry to look at unconventional products and services.