Daily Archives: Jan. 31, 2012

Workers in grumpy mood, survey says

WICHITA — Workers have moved from scared to depressed — progress, I guess, as the companies have moved from cutting their employees to making the ones they kept do more. In a recent Right Management survey, 49 percent of workers agreed with the statement: “My job is unrewarding and saps my energy,” while just 21 percent reported “my job is rewarding and gratifying.” It’s been building for three years, said Tim Mooney, Talent Practice Leader for the Midwest for Right Management:

“In recent surveys Right Management found that fewer workers feel they may step away from their desk for a lunch break or even take all the vacation due them. And we learned that many feel trapped in their job or resent that they’re expected to respond to work emails on the weekend. Meanwhile, staffs are leaner and workloads bigger. Our new findings are consistent with this prior research and are an indicator of poor morale at most organizations.”

Mooney’s recommendations aren’t very specific, starting with companies recognizing that their employees are going through some difficult times. But, he says, don’t lie. And that is one of the keys of the morale problem: many companies are in terrific shape, hitting record profits, but are still running very lean. Their employees are well aware of that.