Thoughts from the river

It’s been another frantic day in Chattanooga, for which I owe the undying energy of WDDC president Jeff Fluhr.

A couple of thoughts:

I hope you’ve seen the earlier blog about Create Here, a group of vibrant folks charged with harnessing Chattanooga’s creativity, largely by blending the arts and business acumen in a community-wide outreach.

Out of that grows a tangible idea for Wichita:  Get the ROK ICT folks down here for some mentoring and idea exchange.

Sounds good from here. Wichita’s pretty good at the arts, entrepreneurship and outreach – but the three need to be blended, and the ROK ICT folks look like the people to do it.

Next, ice cream. As my colleagues will tell you, rarely do I wax in rhapsody about food. FAR more criticism than praise comes from my lips.

But I have to tell you about the best ice cream of my life, Clumpie’s, in Chattanooga’s Old Town.

Eat your hearts out: Homemade ice cream, from fresh products, made without air and jam-packed with enough fat to take five years off my life.

That’s OK. It was worth it.