Who’s reading your business e-mails?

emailThe next time you dash off an e-mail to a business executive, you might want to consider:

There’s a good chance the CEO, CFO or C-whatever will never see it. According to a 2009 survey conducted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals and the ePolicy Institute, there’s a 59 percent chance your message will be intercepted by an administrative assistant.
Those electronic gatekeepers are often asked to screen, delete and ghostwrite the boss’s e-mail.

And it’s on the increase.

Of the 614 administrative professionals surveyed, 59 percent said they ghostwrite responses, up from 43 percent in a 2002 survey.

Fifty-two percent said they read or screen executives’ incoming e-mail, twice the number reported seven years ago. Thirty-eight percent delete messages addressed to executives, up from 29 percent in 2002. Another 55 percent are authorized to use executives’ electronic signatures.

Nancy Flynn, executive director of  ePolicy Institute, said 72 percent know that an electronic signature is “as legally binding as a hand-written signature.”