Nothing’s sacred in the airline industry

From the What’s Next? file:

US Airways says it is going to start charging coach passengers $7 if they want a pillow and a blanket.

Of course the Tempe, Ariz.-based airline is packaging this nifty little move as part of its “pay-for-what-you-choose-and-use model.”

First, airlines nixed snacks. Next, they started charging for checked baggage. Now this?

At this rate, pretty soon it’ll cost you 50 cents, maybe $1, to use the toilet on the airplane.

This is all being done in the name of squeezing the most revenue at a time when the recession is slowing air travel and airlines are taking it in the shorts for hedging on their future fuel costs.

Thing is, we’ve been through recessions before. So have the airlines. But how smart is it for them to be charging for the most basic of amenities as a short term revenue fix?

Seems that such moves are short-sighted, and will lead more folks to choose other modes of travel in the future.