Telling on myself

So this morning I was working on a blog item that I never did post about how frustrating it is to work with certain PR people, especially when a lot of them are probably making a lot more than I am but working at about a first-grade level. It came off rather shrill so I decided to rework it before posting later.

In the meantime, I had a question related to Boeing. So who did I call? The Spirit PR person. Doh!

What got me thinking about PR is the apparent lack of PR help the big three auto executives got on their recent trip to Washington. True public relations experts step in with guidance before there’s a PR nightmare on their hands.

Perhaps someone should have thought ahead of time that maybe flying in on private jets to ask for financial assistance wasn’t the smartest move. Or perhaps if someone had prepared the execs with an intelligent justification for why they need the planes, the ensuing PR disaster could have been averted.

I was having this discussion with my husband last night, and he said, “What’s their justification? They have to run their companies into the ground? They can’t spend another minute in the air because they’ve got more money to lose?”

He’s probably right. In some cases, no amount of PR helps. Especially when reporters don’t call the right company in the first place.