Ty’s Diner on the market

One of the best hamburger joints in Wichita is for sale.

Ty’s Diner, 928 W. 2nd, could be sold in a matter of days, according to owner Richard Diamond. It went on the market in a weekend Eagle classified ad, inviting only serious inquiries.

There have been a bunch of those inquiries, Diamond said, judging by the number of messages on his cell phone. Diamond said he didn’t want to elaborate on the plans to sell the diner until a deal is done.

For those of you who don’t know, Ty’s is a great step back in time for those of us old enough to remember what a real old-style hamburger and fries were like.

And if my doctor, Art Windholz, is in the audience, move along, sir. Nothing to see here. This entire blog post is a figment of your imagination.