Boeing sells 777-300ER for use as a business aircraft

Boeing has sold a Boeing 777-300ER for use as a business aircraft to an undisclosed customer, the company said.

The year has been good for Boeing business jet order activity, Capt. Steve Taylor, president of Boeing’s business jet division, said in a statement. “Customers are showing strong interest in our wide-body VIP products, and the BBJ 777-300 ER is an airplane that really provides unmatched comfort and range on long-haul flights.”

It’s the second widebody business jet order this year, the company said.

Boeing introduced the commercial 747-8 and the 787 in 2006 for business use. Since then, widebody jets have accounted for about 40 percent of the business aircraft orders, the company said.

The 777-300ER has a cabin size of 3,641 square feet and a range of 9,220 nautical miles.

Boeing delivers the VIP planes to customers without the customized interior. A completion center of the customer’s choosing then installs the interior.

Boeing’s business jet line includes modified 737 single-aisle commercial airplanes as well as the twin-aisle 747-8, 767, 777 and 787.

Since 1996 when Boeing formed its business jet division, the company has delivered 195 business aircraft and taken orders for 217.