“Flight through Fire” chronicles Bombardier test pilot’s final days, devotion to aviation

Bombardier experimental test pilot Eric Fiore lived 36 days after being pulled from a burning Challenger 604, which crashed during takeoff in Wichita in 2000.

Test pilot Bryan Irelan, 36, and flight test engineer David Riggs, 48, died in the crash at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Fiore’s wife, Carol Fiore, has now completed a book, “Flight Through Fire,” an “unforgettable love story centered on a deep devotion to aviation,” according to a release.

Eric Fiore was a former Air Force fighter pilot and instructor who joined Bombardier in 1999 after stints with Cessna Aircraft and Fairchild Aircraft.

TheĀ  book is the story of Eric’s final days, as he lost the battle with his burns in the Via Christi Regional Burn Center.

It’s also a big step in a promise Carol Fiore made to her husband: To tell people about a little boy who wanted to fly “high and fast in the sky,” Fiore said in a trip to Wichita in 2010.

The book describes the “aftermath of the accident, the response of a billion dollar company and an entire Kansas town, the intense pressure placed on a hospital, the tragic realities of severe facial burns, the evolution of an eating disorder in her teenage daughter, and the raw emotional pain of her nonreligious family,” the release said.

It’s a story of what it takes to be a test pilot and what it costs to love one.

The book has been published by Flying Kea Press and is available through Amazon.com.