Daily Archives: Jan. 9, 2014

Tulsa International Airport begins construction on Concourse A

Passengers at the Tulsa International Airport will notice some changes to airline operations as renovations begin on Concourse A.

Because of construction, Delta Airlines is moving from Concourse A to gates B7, B9 and B11. And American Airlines will relocate a gate in Concourse A from A27 to A22, the airport said.

The moves are necessary because of renovations to the 40-year-old concourse.

The $23 million project will include replacement of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that support the concourse, which will improve its operational efficiency, the airport said.

The project will also include expansion of the gate areas, new seating with integrated power outlets, new restrooms, a business center and a new military lounge.

It will be similar to a recent renovation of Concourse B at the Tulsa airport, it said.

The project is funded by passenger facility charges, a $4.50 per ticket fee added to each departing ticket from the airport.