Daily Archives: Oct. 31, 2013

Cessna Citation CJ4 and XLS+ winners in Robb Report “Best of the Best”

Cessna Aircraft announced that its Citation CJ4 and Citation XLS+ business jets were chosen as winners in the annual Robb Report “Best of the Best” issue for their aircraft categories.

Cessna received an award marking the honor at a ceremony at Cessna this month.

The CJ4 was a winner in the light jet category, while the XLS+ won in the light midsize category.

“Cessna is one of the most successful companies in the history of the Best of the Best award,” Daniel Curtis, Robb Report director of aviation, said in a statement. “This is our highest accolade.”

In the past 25 years, Cessna has taken a category title 29 times, Curtis said.

“What an honor to be recognized in the Robb Report ‘Best of the Best,’” Brad Thress, Cessna senior vice president for business jets, said in a statement. “It is rewarding to have our world class business jets inspire others. Recognition belongs to those on our team at Cessna who continue to innovate in the design and manufacture of the XLS+ and CJ4 aircraft.”

The Robb Report has published the Best of the Best issue for 25 years, which recognizes aviation, wine, spirits, cigars, travel and fashion.