Daily Archives: Oct. 16, 2013

Kaman Composites in Wichita supplies parts to Scorpion project

Kaman Composites is benefitting from Textron AirLand’s recently announced Scorpion project, a small military jet.

The Wichita company supplied a variety of components for the Scorpion prototype aircraft, Kaman said Tuesday.

That included the wing assembly, vertical and horizon stabilizers, wing fuel access panels, main landing gear doors and several closeout panels.

“Kaman is proud to have supported the development effort for the Scorpion program,” James Larwood, president of Kaman Aerosystems, said in a statement. “This new twin-jet aircraft is a cost effective solution for lower-threat battlefield and homeland security missions. Our efforts highlight the capabilities of our Wichita composites facility to produce a range of components and assemblies.”

Kaman is in a prime position to build parts for future Scorpion aircraft as well.

Textron unveiled the prototype of its first modern military jet last month. The jet will be used for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack.

The Scorpion is being built by a new Textron division, Textron AirLand, a joint venture with AirLand Enterprises.

Cessna Aircraft is lending a big hand to the project.

Cessna designed and built the prototype in secrecy in Wichita beginning in early 2012.

Its first flight is scheduled for this year, and low-volume production is slated for 2015.

Testing and early production will be done in Wichita. Beyond that,it remains to be seen, company officials have said.