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Cessna’s Citation Latitude mock-up starts 19-city tour

Cessna Aircraft is taking a  mock-up of its new Citation Latitude business jet on a 19-city tour that criss-crosses the country to promote the airplane.

Production of the Latitude, announced in October 2011, is on schedule, the company said.

Cessna is making progress on the completion of full airframes this year,

The first prototype is expected to fly in early 2014.

“We’ve moved from engineering, analysis and modeling to cutting metal and driving rivets,” Terry Shriner, Cessna’s Citation Latitude business leader, said in a statement.

Line production will begin in 2014.

The Latitude will accommodate up to eight passengers with a crew of two, have a maximum range of 2,500 nautical miles and a maximum cruise speed of 506 miles per hour.